Current Environment:

1) If you’ve not already done so, you must register for MyChart. Please see our MyChart page for instructions on registration. Patients 13 and older must have their own log-in to complete a virtual visit. For kids 12 and under, you may use the parent log-in. 

2) Download the MyChart app on your phone or tablet. *If you have this app already, make sure you have downloaded the most recent update.*
Using a smart phone or tablet is the preferred (and easiest) way to conduct the visit!

3) Log into the MyChart app. Select the PPOC as your healthcare organization.


  • Log into Mychart using the parent log-in if patient is 12 or younger.
  • Use the child's log-in if the patient is 13 or older.

4) Navigate to the appointment section of the MyChart app. You can begin the registration and check in process 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Once you click on “Begin Video Visit,” you will be automatically directed to Epic Video Visit platform.

Attention Patients: 

Please be advised that starting on Tuesday, January 30, 2024, all video visits with our providers will take place with Epic Video Visits rather than Zoom. We believe this transition will be seamless, and the benefit to patients is that Epic Video Visits launch automatically in your default web browser. You will no longer be required to install Zoom on your computer or mobile device to participate in a video visit.  

The process for initiating a video visit has not changed. You will still need to log in to MyChart to start your visit and complete any pre-visit questionnaire. Once you click on “Begin Video Visit,” you will be automatically directed to Epic Video Visit platform. 

Before starting your visit, you will be able to test your camera and audio and set up a virtual background. Please note the chat feature will no longer be available.   

The Epic Video Visit client will also allow you to invite other participants to join your video visit with the provider by clicking on the View and Invite Participant option. (See below.) If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.