Current Environment:

We understand your family is going through a difficult separation. At Post Road Pediatrics, our highest priority is the care of our patients. It is our intent to work cooperatively with parents in accordance with any legal orders that are in place.

Custody: Custody decisions are made between parents with the help of the courts or the Department of Children and Families. In order to avoid any confusion for our staff, and to make sure we are managing your child’s care appropriately, we require legal documentation of any provisions the court has set forth in regards to custody and communication with our office.

In the absence of legal orders, we expect that both parents will cooperate with each other in the best interest of the child. We are unable to restrict communication with any parent without court documentation or documentation from the Department of Children and Families.

Communication: We ask that both parents reach an agreement regarding major health decisions before visiting the office as we will not mediate disagreements. We expect parents to communicate with each other regarding appointment scheduling, insurance, and any changes in medical care or treatment plans.

Billing: Copays will be collected at the time of service by the parent accompanying the child. If the court agreement states the other parent is responsible for copayments, it is the accompanying parent’s responsibility to pay at the time of the visit and collect reimbursement from the responsible parent. We will be happy to provide a receipt.

Disputes: The providers and staff will not get involved in disputes between parents. If disputes regarding your child’s medical care interfere with our ability to care for your child, we reserve the right to ask you to transfer care to another practice.

In closing, we ask that you please remember separation is hard on children and your cooperation with each other is very important to your child’s mental and physical health.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.