Current Environment:

If you have a sick child or urgent need after hours, call us.

We may be able to help you prevent an unnecessary (lengthy and sometimes expensive) visit to the emergency room with guidance over the phone, or see you in our office at a time that works for you. We want to be sure your child receives the best care, and we believe we provide that here, in your medical home!

One of our providers is on call after hours and on weekends and can be reached at our main number (978-443-6005) by following the prompts on our phone menu. We also have an overnight triage nurse available for phone advice at our main number (in addition to a physician on call for urgent consultation). If you are having trouble reaching the provider on call, please dial our answering service directly at 508-848-0697.

We ask that our families call us for advice prior to visiting an urgent care clinic or the emergency room (unless you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency).

We understand there is a lot of concern about COVID-19. Except in the case of questions regarding urgent, acute symptoms, we would like you to reserve general questions about COVID-19 for normal business hours. You can also visit our COVID-19 Info page for additional resources regarding the coronavirus outbreak.

Please be aware that certain urgent care clinics (Ready Med is an example) require a referral from our office. If they are not able to obtain this at the time of your visit, they will refuse to see you. Before visiting an urgent care clinic, please call us so that we may help you access the most appropriate care for your child.