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A fantastic site; you might recognize the name - we have Myplate posters in the office!   

  • Many resources for making small changes - which is key!
  • Links to downloading apps for food shopping, choosing foods, and even involving Alexa
  • Short videos to pique your child’s interest
  • Games and stories to make nutrition education fun!
  • Epub books and games for helping to educate your child (you’ll need to download the books, download Readium to your Chrome apps (and then find via chrome://apps in your browser), or find them using iTunes

Kids Eat Right

Another great site with a wealth of information on nutrition, both for families and communities, and could be the starting point for improving nutrition in schools and towns.

  • Short articles on many subjects in nutrition
  • Interactive handouts for helping kids and teens to wrap their heads around healthier eating
  • Quick-and-dirty tip sheets with solutions and strategies for commonly encountered issues
  • Webinars on many subjects, if you have a little more time
  • Subscription to the practical and timely “Kids Eat Right Monday Message”

Healthy Children (English)

Healthy Children (en Español)

A website sponsored by the American Academy of Pediatrics (the AAP), whose guidelines we follow on all things related to the health and wellness of children. Each link below can easily switch to the Spanish version by clicking the link at the top. We’ve added links to specific topics: