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We receive many questions from parents and patients about what to expect at their next visit: will there be vaccines or blood work; or when does my teenager need to consider moving on to an adult provider?

We follow the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommendations, and have put together the schedule below with hopes that this guide will help our patients and families anticipate and plan for their next well visit with us.

Our schedules are open for a full year, so please call us and book your annual check-up for next year!

AAP Bright Futures Handouts

Post Road Pediatrics well visit schedule


Routine vaccines, labs, screenings


Vaccines: Hep B

1 month

Vaccines: Hep B
Questionnaire: Edinburgh Postnatal Screening

2 month

Vaccines: Pentacel, Rotateq, PCV13
Questionnaire: SWYC

4 month

Vaccines: Pentacel, Rotateq, PCV13
Questionnaire: SWYC

6 month

Vaccines: Pentacel, Rotateq, PCV13, Flu
Questionnaire: SWYC

9 month

Labs: Hep B, Lead and Hemoglobin
Questionnaire: SWYC

12 month

Vaccines: MMR, Varicella, Hep A
Questionnaire: SWYC

 15 month

Vaccines: Pentacel, PCV13
Questionnaire: SWYC

 18 month

Vaccines: Hep A
Questionnaire: SWYC

24 month

Labs: Lead and Hemoglobin
Questionnaire: SWYC

2.5 year

Labs: Lead and Hemoglobin (only if not done at 24 month visit)
Questionnaire: SWYC

3 year

Labs: Lead and Hemoglobin
First Vision Screening
Questionnaire: SWYC

4 year

Vaccines: Proquad, Quadracel
Vision and Hearing Screening
Questionnaire: PSC-17

5-10 year

Annual well visit and flu shot are recommended
Vision and hearing screening at 5, 6, 8 and 10 year visits
Non-fasting cholesterol screening at 9 year visit
Questionnaire: PSC-17

11 year

Vaccines: HPV, Tdap, Menactra
Questionnaire: PSC-17 and PSC-17Y

12-15 year


Annual well visit and flu shot are recommeneded
No routine labs
Questionnaire: PSC-17 and PSC-17Y

*Starting at age 14, your teen will spend the first half of their visit alone with their pediatrician. Please review our Adolescent Transition Policy and Adolescent Privacy Policy*


 16 year

Vaccines: Menactra
Questionnaire: PSC-17 and PSC-17Y

17-21 year


Annual well visit and flu shot are recommended
Non-fasting cholesterol screening at 18 year visit
Questionnaire: PSC-17 and PSC-17Y

We will see patients through college, but they must be seen yearly for a well visit! Please review our adolescent transition policy here.

*Teens: Consider getting on a summer well visit schedule and please make sure we have your current phone number and contact information on file*


 22 year

Transition to adult medicine!

Record transfer form


Above schedule subject to change with availability of vaccines and/or changes to recommended screenings.  Last Updated Jan 2021

*We recommend an annual flu shot after 6 months of age*

Combo Vaccine Key:
Quadracel: DTap and IPV
Pentacel: DTap, IPV, and Hib
ProQuad: MMR and Varicella

CDC Vaccine Information Statements

Massachusetts Immunization Information System (MIIS)

Information for parents and patients

What is the Massachusetts Immunization Information System?
The Massachusetts Immunization Information System (MIIS), also called an immunization registry, is a confidential, web-based system that collects and stores vaccination (shot) records for Massachusetts residents of all ages. The MIIS is operated by the Immunization Program at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and helps you, along with your healthcare providers, schools, and childcare centers, to keep track of the shots that you or your children have received.

Why is the MIIS important?

The schedule of shots that you and your family need to stay healthy and that are required for you or your children to go to school, daycare, camp, college and work becomes more complicated with every new vaccine introduced. Keeping all your shot records in one place helps to make sure that you and your children get the complete schedule of immunizations - no more and no less.

What information about me or my children will be entered into the MIIS?

The shots that you or your children have already received and any shots that you or your children get in the future will be entered into the MIIS. Other information, including mother's name (for individuals under 18 years of age), gender, and the provider office where each shot is given will be included in the registry to be sure that your records are accurate and cannot be confused with another patient's record. Your address will also be included in the system to allow your healthcare provider to send you a card to remind you when you or your children are due for an immunization. All the information in the MIIS is secure and confidential.

All residents of Massachusetts have the right to limit who may see their or their child’s information in the MIIS.   If you prefer that your or your child’s immunization history not be shared with other healthcare providers who use the MIIS, you must complete the MIIS Objection (or Withdrawal of Objection) Form. If you change your mind, you can fill out the same form to have your or your child's immunization information shared in the MIIS.