Current Environment:

Post Road Pediatrics has an encrypted system called MyChart, which allows for secure electronic communication. Sometimes contacting us through MyChart is not possible due to technology or the adolescent privacy policy, which does not allow parent access. When this is the case, communication by email may be allowed. Be aware that emails are part of the medical record.

Examples of when to use email instead of MyChart include:

  • if you request that we send a document to you electronically that cannot be sent via MyChart
  • when communicating with your child’s medical or school team using a group email
  • if your child is 18 or older and you no longer have access to their MyChart account

Email communication should only be for non-urgent matters. Please call our office regarding any acutely ill or injured patients, and for any urgent needs.

When sending an email please include first and last name and date of birth of the patient.

Email should not be used to communicate about:

  • sexually transmitted diseases
  • HIV
  • mental health
  • parental disagreements or custody issues
  • acutely ill or injured patients, and/or any urgent matter

We will respond to emails within one to two business days. If you need to speak to someone before getting a reply, please call the office.

Use of email takes time away from caring for patients, so please use only when necessary. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Post Road Pediatrics reserves the right to discontinue communication by email if not used according to this agreement.