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Who counts as a Therapist?

A Therapist can be a doctoral-level psychologist (PhD or PsyD), a masters-level licensed mental health counselor (LMHC) a masters-level licensed clinical social worker (LICSW or LCSW)., or a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT).

What can a Therapist do?

A Therapist can talk with anyone privately, whether an adult or child, and can also talk with the family of their client if he or she is under 18 or with written permission. A Therapist can, with permission, speak with doctor’s offices, schools, and other community places. They can make referrals to other practitioners. Therapists cannot prescribe medications, however they can refer to someone who can (a Nurse Practitioner, Medical Doctor, or Psychiatrist.)

Insurance Company Search

  1. Call the phone number on the back   of your insurance card. Follow the options to access a list of Behavioral Health Providers that are “in network.” You may need to pay a copay (usually $20 to $50 per visit depending on the provider.)
  2. Go to your insurance company’s website and use the online tools to find a provider in your network and in your area. Most websites will allow you to filter by several   different items, including gender, copay, region, specialty etc. Keep in mind, lots of providers are currently offering Telehealth visits! Make sure they are still in Massachusetts.
  3. Start with 3-4 therapists you would like to contact, and consider contacting them to ask the  following (sample) questions, such as: Do you accept my insurance? Are you accepting new patients? My specific concern is _________; is this something that you would be able to help with?

Internet Search Tools

  1. -- General search tool for all provider levels. Filter by numerous items, and     easily see if new clients are being accepted and if telehealth visits are being offered. Send an e-mail to the provider easily from the website.
  2. -- Specific search tool for therapists of color at all provider levels. Easily identifies if the provider is accepting new clients.
  3. -- Specific search tool for psychologists (PhD/PsyD). Has a “Guide me Through” option, which is user friendly.
  4. -- Telephone referral service specifically for connecting with social workers (LICSW/LCSW). Fill out a questionnaire about you or your child and the service will contact you with who they think could be an appropriate match.

INTERFACE Referral Service by William James College

Similar to TherapyMatcher, the INTERFACE Referral matches residents of Braintree, Dedham, Milton, and several other communities, with therapists. Based upon your insurance coverage, your concerns for your child, and your preferred availability, INTERFACE case managers aim to provide families with a matched therapist within two weeks. Call 888-244-6843, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.m Monday through Friday, or visit Please note that this service is not available to residents of Boston.

Need More Information? Check out The Child Mind Institute’s Connect to Care website

Get guidance how to access mental health services, what to expect from mental health providers, and how to coordinate with schools to support your child’s mental health needs.