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Important Safety Recall Information

Information from a pediatrician about the 2022 Similac formula recall: What we know, how to identify if your child's formula has been recalled, and what formula you can use as a substitute

Hyde Park Pediatrics Welcomes Dr. Kulenthirarajan


Dr. Kulenthirarajan was born and raised in Burlington, Massachusetts. He graduated from Brandeis University in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in Biology with a Minor in Health Policy.

 COVID-19 Vaccine Available For Children 12 to 15 Years


We're thrilled that kids 12 and up can be protected against COVID and resume their normal lives. Pfizer vaccine was found to be safe and 100% effective.

COVID-19 testing information

COVID-19 information changes rapidly so please see below for links to the most up-to-date answers to your most common questions:

Heavy metals in baby foods


There has been recent media focus on heavy metals found in baby foods. This is not a new development and should not be a cause for concern. Heavy metals are in the Earth’s soil and can be found in non-toxic levels in many of our foods. To minimize your baby’s exposure offer a wide variety of foods. Avoid juice and rice cereal both of which may increase your child’s exposure to heavy metals.

COVID-19 quarantine information


Announcing Telehealth visits


We’re doing everything that we can to keep you safe. Part of our safety plan includes implementation of online virtual visits with live interactive video between you and your provider. Visits are completely secure and can be conducted on any cellular data or WIFI (preferred) enabled smartphone or tablet–not a laptop. To schedule a virtual visit you must have an active MyChart account. If you do not have an active account, PLEASE call the office to schedule your virtual visit.

Information about the Coronavirus

Updated 3/25/20

Your child and family’s health is our top priority. We  have adopted increased cleaning measures and have spaced patient visits so that we can continue to provide vital well care to children 2 years and younger. It is critical that vaccine coverage not lapse.

Hyde Park named Milton's "Favorite Local Pediatrician" in 2019


Hyde Park Pediatrics has won the Milton Neighbors’ Choice Award for "Favorite local pediatrician" in both 2018 and 2019.

Hyde Park wins Milton Neighbors' Choice Award for "Favorite Local Pediatrician" for 2018


Hyde Park Pediatrics has been named Milton's "Favorite local pediatrician."