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Behavioral Health at Hyde Park Pediatrics


Joanna Weinberg, PhD, Caroline Krehbiel, PhD, and Brie Ostreicher, LMHC


Hyde Park Pediatrics supports the emotional, behavioral, and mental health of our patients and families. Our integrated behavioral health providers work with our clinical team to provide care in the medical home for our families. Dr. Weinberg and Dr. Krehbiel are licensed psychologists providing assessment, intervention, and consultation to Hyde Park Pediatrics families for a variety of behavioral, emotional, and school needs. It is our goal to make high quality services available to all families at Hyde Park Pediatrics. 


Our behavioral health providers aim to meet with patients for short-term, evidence-based therapy and interventions with a focus on a specific problem.  Alternatively, our behavioral health providers may serve as a resource for brief consultations for emotional, behavioral, or academic concerns and provide resources for referral to community based support.