Specialist/Non-PCP Access

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Prior to the newest release of MyPatients, providers could only view a patient’s record if a provider in their practice was listed as the Primary Care Provider (PCP).

Specialists and other Non-PCP providers now also have access to MyPatients and can individually request access to patients’ record.

How do I request access to a patient’s record as a Specialist/Non-PCP?

On the ‘Patient Selection’ Page, you can search for a patient by Patient Name and DOB or MRN.

If you receive the ‘not authorized’ message for one of your patients, click “request Non-PCP access.” Your request will be sent to the patient or guardian to approve using their MyChildren’s patient portal account.

You will receive a notification to your registered email when you are granted access to a patient’s account.

What if a patient I want to view in the portal does not have a MyChildren’s Account?

A patient needs to have a MyChildren’s account to authorize providers to view their records. If your patient does not have a MyChildren’s account, you will receive a notification when you search for the patient’s record.

I received an invitation to view a patient record that includes a token. What do I do next?

You must have a registered MyPatients account to activate a token. If you do not yet have a MyPatients account, visit the MyPatients Registration Page.

Once you have set up your MyPatients account, log into MyPatients. In the top, right hand corner of the page, click on “Validate a Token”. Enter the token in the invitation, as well as the MRN it corresponds to, and then click submit. Please note that tokens are unique to a specific MRN, and expire 6 months after being issued.

If token validation is successful, you will be able to access the record when you search the patient on the MyPatients Homepage.

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