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What is laryngotracheoplasty?

Our airway team is highly experienced in laryngotracheoplasty, also know as laryngotracheal reconstruction. It is a surgery to expand and repair an airway using pieces of cartilage (grafts) taken from your child’s rib, ear, or thyroid (depending on how much cartilage is needed).

Treating airway disorders with laryngotracheplasty

Laryngotracheplasty is used to treat tracheal stenosis or subglottic stenosis. It can be conducted in one step or two, depending on whether a temporary tracheostomy (an opening in through the neck into the trachea) is required.

During this procedure, the narrowed portion of your child’s windpipe is cut and then widened using small pieces of cartilage taken from the rib cage, ear, or thyroid. These grafts are used like spacers to enlarge the airway. New, healthy tissue will grow around the graft and become part of the airway.

The recovery approach depends on how the procedure is performed:

  • If completed in a single stage: Your child will have a breathing tube that will be placed through the nose after surgery. The breathing tube holds the airway open while it heals. Your child will remain in the hospital for several days while the breathing tube is in place.
  • If completed in two stages: A tracheostomy tube will be left in place during the healing process.

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