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The intersection of policy, advocacy, and health is one of Dr. Lee’s primary research interests. She has published seminal research on the effects of state level legislation on injuries, including for firearms, motor vehicle crashes and pedestrians. More recently her work has focused on the effects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on women’s health measures and also on health disparities. She also has a longstanding clinical and research interest in trauma care and injury prevention. She has conducted research focusing on the management of head, neck, abdominal, and orthopedic trauma. She was the site primary investigator for the Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research network (PECARN) studies on traumatic brain injury and intra-abdominal injury. Currently she is the site primary investigator for the PECARN c-spine trauma study. She serves on the editorial board for Annals of Emergency Medicine. She has been elected as a member of the Society for Pediatric Research (SPR) and the American Pediatric Society (APS). She is the inaugural director for the Academic Pediatric Association’s (APA) Health Policy Scholars Program.

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We’re honored that Dr. Lee has been elected to the National Academy of Medicine for 2023, for her foundational research on firearm injuries and leadership on authoring the American Academy of Pediatrics 2022 Technical Report/Policy Statement on pediatric firearm injury prevention. In an area lacking major research support, she conducted and translated rigorous injury science for policymakers, leading to thousands of prevented injuries.


After earning an MD from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in 1996, she completed her Masters of Public Health in Quantitative Methods at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health in 2003. In between that time, she completed a pediatric residency at Children’s Hospital Philadelphia. Subsequently she did her fellowship in pediatric emergency medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital, and she the recipient of a NRSA Training Grant in Pediatric Emergency Medicine during that time. In 2016 she became the inaugural Nick Littlefield Health Policy Fellow at the Network for Excellence in Health Innovation (NEHI).


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