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Researcher | Research Overview

Dr. Rey-Casserly’s research focuses on the neuropsychological outcomes of medical and neurological disorders that affect the central nervous system and children’s development.  Her interests are in neuropsychological processes such as executive functions, attention, memory, and social competence.  She studies the late effects of childhood cancer, particularly brain tumors, over the course of development.  Her work examines the multiple risks that contribute to changes in neuropsychological functioning over  time and neurobehavioral trajectories.  She has also focused on neuropsychological functioning of children with neurofibromatosis and has developed a novel computer based paradigm for assessing visual spatial memory in these children.  She is particularly interested in the long term neuropsychological effects of medical and neurological disorders into adulthood.


Researcher | Research Background

Dr. Rey-Casserly received her PhD in clinical psychology from Boston University and completed fellowship training in neuropsychology at Boston Children’s Hospital.  She is board certified in clinical neuropsychology and in the subspecialty of pediatric neuropsychology.  She is the Director of the Center for Neuropsychology at Boston Children’s Hospital and collaborated in establishing the Brain Injury Center to advance clinical care and research efforts for children with traumatic brain injury.   Dr. Rey-Casserly directs the postdoctoral residency program in pediatric neuropsychology.


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