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Researcher | Research Background

I began my healthcare career as a respiratory therapist and quickly developed an interest and passion for research and education. My research career began by focusing on areas within respiratory care that lacked evidence to guide practice; those areas included mechanical ventilation, aerosol delivery, airway clearance, and airway chemistry. This passion led me to several discoveries within each of those areas and the development of several nationally recognized clinical practice guidelines. Being seen as a clinical expert led to opportunities to orient and teach new respiratory therapists. While creating opportunities for the respiratory therapists to learn, I was exposed to the resident and fellowship training process. Soon I was asked to consider teaching and mentoring physicians in the art and science of respiratory care. Within the respiratory therapy community my teaching abilities were becoming clear to senior educators not only by other respiratory therapists, but physicians whom I had the privilege to teach and mentor. Mentors challenged me to take the next step and consider writing on the art and science of respiratory care. These publications and experiences led me to be seen as an international expert and afforded me the opportunity to edit the textbook Neonatal and Pediatric Respiratory Care. This textbook is a market leader for pediatric respiratory care education.

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