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Researcher | Research Overview

Amy Szarkowski is interested in exploring issues related to Quality of Life in children with hearing loss and their families, particularly social-emotional functioning. In her work, she also seeks to better understand the impact of hearing loss on the family system. Clinically, investigating the impact of hearing loss on cognitive and neuropsychological functions is of interest.

Researcher | Research Background

Amy Szarkowski received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Gallaudet University. As a doctoral student, she had the opportunity to work in Italy on a Fulbright scholarship and then completed an internship at the University of New Mexico School of the Medicine. After completing her PhD, Dr. Szarkowski taught psychology at a university in Japan for several years. Upon returning to the U.S., she completed her post-doctoral training and then a clinical fellowship with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program at Children’s Hospital Boston; following her training she was hired as a staff psychologist. Dr. Szarkowski also holds a M.S. in Administration & Supervision from Gallaudet University.

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