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Recent advances in molecular technology have vastly expanded the possibilities for personalized medicine. Benefiting from these techniques requires thoughtful tests, coupled with a deep understanding of the clinical implications of molecular alterations. The promise of personalized medicine is to match specific aberrations in a patient’s tumor DNA to the most accurate diagnosis, the most up-to-date prognosis and the most effective therapy available.

Many pediatric tumors and vascular malformations are defined by characteristic genetic changes that are best assessed by evolving molecular technologies. The correct diagnosis is essential to offering patients both the most accurate prognosis and the most effective therapy. To that end, we have designed a suite of molecular tests that will take the practice of diagnostic pediatric pathology to the next level with multiplex testing that delivers more actionable information with a better turnaround time.

Lampp staff

(above) LaMPP staff from left to right: Leslie Grimmett, Joanna Plunkitt, Samantha Cano, Seth Pinches (back) Michael Watkinson and Tamara Restrepo

The Boston Children’s Hospital Laboratory for Molecular Pediatric Pathology (BCH LaMPP) provides highly innovative tissue-based diagnostic testing, uniquely tailored to serve pediatric patients, particularly those with cancer and developmental anomalies associated with tumor-like tissue overgrowths. The core technologies of the laboratory are focused on solid-state high-throughput genomic sequencing, rare mutation detection and copy number analysis.

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