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Why Choose Us | Overview

Here at Boston Children’s, the Voiding Improvement Program uses non-invasive methods, including biofeedback, to help children and their families overcome a wide variety of urinary issues, including difficulty with toilet issues, daytime and nighttime bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis), and recurrent urinary tract infections.

Our VIP team will first evaluate your child to make sure that a more serious underlying medical or surgical issue is not present. We will then take a comprehensive and holistic approach to treating your child’s elimination issues — with a customized treatment plan tailored to the patient’s individual needs.

And at every step of the way, our experienced team of pediatric urologists, nurse practitioners, and staff will guide your child, and you, through this important process with skill, compassion, and empathy.

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The tools that we offer for comprehensive evaluation and treatment include:

  • a questionnaire specifically designed to identify urinary issues
  • listening carefully to your and your child’s concerns
  • complete physical examination

Pediatric urinary and bowel conditions

The Boston Children’s Hospital Voiding Improvement Program helps children and their families overcome a variety of urinary issues, including:

Treatment for urinary issues in children

For treatment, the VIP team takes a comprehensive and holistic approach, and we employ noninvasive methods to help children overcome a wide variety of urinary issues, including difficulty with toilet issues such as daytime and nighttime incontinence, and recurrent urinary tract infections. We provide treatment referrals for:

  • acupressure (coming soon!)
  • acupuncture
  • biofeedback training
  • bowel program for constipation
  • Reiki therapeutic touch and relaxation

We also offer diagnostic tests, including:

  • urinalysis
  • uroflowmetry (a noninvasive test used to measure pattern and quality of urine flow)
  • ultrasound
  • x-rays of the abdomen and pelvis