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Trauma-Informed & Culturally Responsive Training | Overview

We offer training and consultation to develop capacity of students/trainees, providers, programs, and policymakers to better understand, disrupt, and act upon oppressive processes (e.g., trauma, racism, anti-immigrant bias). Our team seeks to help raise individuals' and organizations' awareness and responsivity to their own identities, positionalities, and privileges as well as the organizational and historical factors that directly and indirectly harm youth and families and keep oppressive processes in place. Through shared language and knowledge rooted in culturally-responsive, trauma-informed care, we strive towards contributing to the fundamental goals of health equity, social justice, and human rights. We offer training and consultation in trauma-informed, culturally-responsive practices to school systems, colleges/universities, mental health agencies, hospitals, resettlement agencies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

If you are interested in scheduling a training or workshop, or in learning more about our consultations, please complete our Training Request Form.