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Patient Resources | Overview

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Tourette Association of America: Massachusetts Chapter

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Massachusetts
Phone: 781-938-4048

Parent Information Network
Email: Barbara Macias at
Phone: 508-947-8779

Services are for families with children with mental, emotional, and/or behavioral difficulties. Education and training to become better advocates, parent support groups, one-on-one support, parent/community education, resource center, and newsletter.

Parent/Professional Advocacy League (PAL)
Phone: 617-542-7860

PAL works with families and professionals and provides support, education, referrals, and advocacy on behalf of children with mental, emotional, or behavioral special needs.

Massachusetts Behavioral Health Access (MABHA)

A site to find Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative providers. On the website, select IHT or IHBS from the service menu pull-down (under Mental Health Services>Find Provider Openings).

Summer Camps

Tourette Syndrome Camp USA
YMCA Camp Duncan, Ingleside, IL
Phone: 773-592-0806

Camp Twitch & Shout
ourette Information Center and Support (TICS)
Atlanta, GA
Phone: 706-248-9328