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Our depth of experience in thoracic outlet syndrome

The Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Program at Boston Children’s Hospital is the first multidisciplinary program dedicated to the care of pediatric patients with this complex disease. We have experience treating the full spectrum of thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS), from early symptoms to advanced and difficult cases. Physicians from around the world refer their patients to our program.

Our team includes surgeons and hematologists, physical therapy and sports medicine specialists, and radiologists with advanced interventional technique training. This group has worked together since the formation of the program to provide comprehensive multidisciplinary management for patients with all forms of TOS and ensure that the patient experience and patient care are superlative.

We so appreciate the time you took with us to thoroughly explain things prior to the surgery and in all subsequent appointments, especially the way that you prepared us for the worst-case scenario without instilling a great amount of fear. We know that part of the ease with which our daughter has recovered/healed is due to her own good health and young body but we do attribute a great deal of it to your skill and caring.

Dara St. Sauveur, parent of a child treated at Boston Children’s for TOS

Why choose the Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Program?

The Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Program at Boston Children's Hospital provides patients with complete care through the interaction of all of our specialty care providers in a seamless multidisciplinary manner. While the majority of cases of TOS affect adults, we are dedicated to the care of pediatric patients. We have advanced the understanding of how TOS can affect children differently and how health care providers can tailor the management of TOS to the pediatric patient.

The leaders of the program are dedicated to providing patients and their families compassionate, comprehensive care that seamlessly offers the full range of management options needed to completely treat TOS through diagnosis, decisions regarding type of treatment required, education about the operative experience, and thorough long-term postoperative follow-up provide them with comprehensive multidisciplinary management.

The surgery was tough, and the recovery was hard but going through everything I did made me a better person. The dedication and passion the doctors and therapists show towards their patients and the care they take toward their family make all of the difference... It may feel like the worst option at the moment but it will be the best choice you will ever make and every second of getting better is worth the price.

Joey Peduto, patient treated at Boston Children’s for TOS