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Your Visit | Overview

About your visits

We ask for any adult attending a visit at Boston Children’s please have a photo ID on them. Adults may be asked to show photo ID prior to entering the hospital.

First visit: Assessment of about 1.5 hours

Depending on provider schedules, you will likely meet with three different clinicians: a medical doctor, a psychologist, and a registered dietitian. Each of these providers will ask a series of questions in order to get to know you and any pertinent details around your physical health, eating habits, and mental health history. After this appointment, the providers will meet together and come up with a plan to share with you at your second visit.

Second visit: Feedback of about 30 to 60 minutes

At your follow-up visit, one or two providers will talk you through the feedback related to your assessment. This will include some helpful tips for getting started right away if you are motivated to do so. During this appointment we will share with you what we learned at your assessment. Together we will discuss the plan that we think is appropriate, and then work with you to determine the best steps moving forward.

If subsequent visits are scheduled

Depending on the plan determined at your feedback visit, you may be scheduled for follow-up appointments in STEP, located in Boston, which will occur exclusively on Monday afternoons. These recommended visits might be anywhere from once per week to once per month. If you think that you would have a hard time attending appointments this frequently, please share this information during your assessment and we will help you find providers in your local community. We may also suggest other clinical programs and appropriate referrals that best suit your needs.