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Research | Overview

Boston Children’s Hospital is known for pioneering some of the most effective surgeries, diagnostic procedures, and other essential techniques in treating diseases, including spina bifida. A significant part of our success comes from our commitment to research and clinical trials.

The Spina Bifida and Spinal Cord Conditions Center's commitment to research and innovation is huge asset to our program. Our research, generously funded by the National Institutes of Health as well as philanthropic donors, allows us to pursue a wide range of research related to spina bifida and its care.

Our researchers are working daily to reach insights into the disease and to answer pressing questions about spina bifida and related disorders. Through state-of-the-art clinical and basic science research, we aim to improve spina bifida prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. In addition to our research team, we routinely collaborate with world-class researchers across the Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School communities. We are confident that our tireless efforts will improve the lives of our patients and families.