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The Neonatal Genomics Program comprises a group of clinicians and researchers with expertise in neonatal-perinatal medicine, genetics and genomics, epidemiology, health services research, and computational genomics.


Monica Hsiung Wojcik, MD, MPH Monica Hsiung Wojcik, MD, MPH

Dr. Wojcik is a physician-scientist with clinical training in both neonatology and genetics and research expertise in clinical effectiveness, health services research, and genomic analysis. Her research focuses on implementing genomic medicine equitably to improve health and health-related quality of life for all infants and their families.
Sarah Morton, MD, PhD Sarah Morton, MD, PhD

Dr. Morton is a physician-scientist with clinical training in neonatology and basic science expertise in developmental biology, genetics, and computational biology. Her research focuses on discovering genes and variants that explain human disease and understanding how genetic factors contribute to the long-term health of infants and children with congenital anomalies.
Amy O'Connell, MD, PhD

Amy O'Connell, MD, PhD

Dr. O’Connell is a physician-scientist with clinical training and expertise in neonatology and immunology. Her research focuses on developmental immunology as well as rare disease gene discovery.

Micael Duyzend, MD, PhD Micael Duyzend, MD, PhD

Dr. Duyzend is a clinician-scientist with basic science expertise in genetics and genomics, sequencing technologies, and computational biology. His research focuses on understanding genetics across the developmental continuum, from conception through infancy, and the development of methods to track and analyze genetic and clinical data longitudinally through this period.

NICU clinicians

Laura Tannenbaum, NNP

Laura Tannenbaum, NNP

Laura Tannenbaum is a neonatal nurse practitioner in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Boston Children’s who is dedicated to advancing care for infants with rare disorders.


Laura Tannenbaum, NNP Chelsea Machin, RN

Chelsea Machin is a nurse in the NICU who has spearheaded our efforts to improve our clinical diagnostic approaches.


Tabitha Poorvu, MS, LCGC Tabitha Poorvu, MS, LCGC

Tabitha Poorvu is the Genetic Counseling Program Manager in the Maternal-Fetal Care Center; she has clinical and research expertise in perinatal genetic diagnosis and complex fetal care. She has been a prenatal genetic counselor for 11 years and lead genetic counselor the MFCC for 7 years.
Micael Duyzend, MD, PhD Malike Sud, MS, LCGC

Malika Sud is a genetic counselor who works in the Maternal-Fetal Care Center; she has clinical and research expertise in rare disease diagnosis and perinatal outcomes. She has also been involved in several projects at the Broad Institute.

Clinical Fellows

Alissa D'Gama, MD, PhD Alissa D'Gama, MD, PhD

Dr. D’Gama is a fellow in the Harvard Neonatal Perinatal Medicine program with research expertise in developmental neuroscience and translational genetics and genomics. Her research focuses on investigating genetic mechanisms of disease and advancing equitable precision medicine for infants with genetic disorders, especially infants with epilepsy and neurogenetic conditions.
Rachel Stadelmaer Hu, MD Rachel Stadelmaier Hu, MD

Dr. Hu is a fellow in the Harvard Neonatal Perinatal Medicine program with research expertise in epidemiologic methods used for clinical genetics and the impact of genetic diagnosis on the care of critically ill infants. Her research focuses on understanding the clinical effectiveness of diagnostic genetic evaluations in the NICU through analysis of population data.

Founding Member

Pankaj Agrawal, MD Pankaj Agrawal, MD, MSSc

Dr. Agrawal started the Neonatal Genomics Program at Boston Children’s in 2016 and is currently the Chief of Neonatology at University of Miami Jackson Health System (since 2023). He has led multiple studies related to genomic sequencing, particularly for critically ill infants, such as the BabySeq study, the Manton Center for Orphan Disease Research Gene Discovery Core, and the Virtual Genome Center (VIGOR) for Infant Health.

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