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About the Leukemia Program

Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center is home to one of the top pediatric leukemia centers in the world. We treat:

Our expertise in leukemia

We use a range of therapies, including stem cell transplants for children whose leukemia has relapsed or doesn’t respond to conventional treatment. Our program has been instrumental in refining the treatment of childhood leukemia, which has resulted in improved cure rates and decreased chemotherapy-associated side effects.

Dana-Farber/Boston Children's is an integrated pediatric hematology and oncology partnership between Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Boston Children's Hospital. We offer, in one specialized program, the full spectrum of services that are needed for diagnosis, treatment and ongoing care of even the rarest and hard-to-treat conditions.

Pediatric hematologists and oncologists who specialize in treating childhood leukemia head the Leukemia Program treatment teams. Internationally recognized hematopathologists, who are renowned for their ability to diagnose pediatric hematologic malignancies like leukemia, also are part of our team, along with radiation oncologists, surgical oncologists, stem cell transplant physicians and pediatric oncology nurses.

Physicians and scientists in our program are actively involved in laboratory studies and clinical trials that aim for eventual cures. Some of our current trials are investigating new treatments of relapsed or refractory leukemia, novel combinations of chemotherapy drugs and ways to improve care for long-term leukemia survivors.

Learn more about our Leukemia Program on the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute website.