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Research & Innovation | Overview

With dozens of clinicians in different specialties focused on treating children with heterotaxy syndrome, we have developed real solutions for improving the lives of children born with challenging heart defects.

Our innovations in treatment include:

  • biventricular repairs for some children with heterotaxy syndrome, many of whom may not be candidates for this complex surgery at other heart centers
  • intraoperative mapping of the heart’s electrical conduction system during surgery to reduce the risk of post-operative heart block
Illustration with images of doctor, a heart

'Seeing' the unseen: A way to pinpoint elusive cardiac conduction tissue

How conduction tissue mapping is reducing heart block

  • advanced cardiac imaging, such as 3-D echocardiography, cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), cardiac computed tomography (CT), and cardiac catheterization
  • 4-D flow modeling, a technique that allows our cardiologists and surgeons to create computer models of different surgical approaches to decide on the best procedure for your child
  • standardized screening and comprehensive care for all children with heterotaxy syndrome
  • a heterotaxy registry to track patients and outcomes, and identify and share best practices and research within Boston Children’s and outside our institution