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Chronic respiratory insufficiency requiring assisted ventilation is one of the most serious health-related complications faced by children with physical and developmental disabilities. Improvements in medical technology, such as portable ventilator equipment and supportive care, have led to a growing population of children who survive life-threatening conditions, but continue to require life-sustaining mechanical support and complex medical follow up. Many of these children are cared for at home by their parents, which can be a great financial and emotional burden on families.

Any contributions given to the CAPE and Home Ventilation Program will help relieve some of these burdens our patients and families face. Our goals are to enhance program services and provide short and long term support for our children and families. Prior focused donations have gone to: building ramps so children can easily enter and exit their homes and automobiles; supporting patients/family members to attend courses such as meditation/yoga to relieve daily stress; and providing family members with life sustaining medical equipment.

If you are interested in giving, you can kindly donate online by clicking here or send a check payable to: Boston Children’s Hospital Trust: CAPE Program 97820

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CAPE Program

300 Longwood Ave, Bader 634

Boston, MA 02115

Donors will receive a tax-deductible receipt from Boston Children’s. The CAPE Program and the families in our community greatly appreciate your support.

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