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Our team is available to see patients with any condition on any service in the inpatient setting. Our outpatient clinic serves patients of all ages, including adults. We accept referrals from within Boston Children’s Hospital as well as from providers outside of our institution. Testing may be most beneficial for patients who have experienced repeated or severe medication side effects, have a difficult to treat chronic condition, have historically required atypical drug doses, have a family history of significant drug responses, or have failed to respond to multiple medications in the past.

After speaking with your provider and obtaining a referral if needed for your insurance provider, you may schedule a clinic visit by calling 857-218-4637 and requesting a pharmacogenomics appointment.

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Clinical Pharmacogenomics Service
Attention: Shannon Manzi, PharmD
Boston Children’s Hospital
Pharmacy Department, Main SB
300 Longwood Ave.
Boston, MA 02115