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Clinician Resources | Overview

What can the Complex Care Service do for your patients?

In the Complex Care Service (CCS), we partner with primary care physicians in order to help to support our patients' medical and developmental needs. We can be a resource for acute care visits for complex patients. We can serve as a central point of contact for primary care physicians and help to facilitate communication among subspecialty providers here at Boston Children's Hospital.

If you are interested in referring a patient to a CCS provider, please call 617-355-6162 to speak with a CCS professional, or complete this form and fax it to us directly at 617-730-0621.

New referrals

In order to refer a patient to CCS, please call 617-355-6162 to speak to a CCS professional so that we may gather relevant information on the patient.

You may also complete the following form and fax it to us at 617-730-0621