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Become a Patient | Overview

Our case coordinators are here to help you find the information and answers you need and connect you to the right care team from the initial point of contact through follow-up care.

Follow these steps to become a patient:

Step 1: Prepare your child’s medical information

Obtain a medical summary translated into English along with all pertinent medical records, including imaging and lab reports.

Step 2: Contact Global Services

Please fill out the patient intake form through our contact us page. Once the intake team receives the proper documentation, they will assign you a case coordinator.

Step 3: Medical record review

Our Global Medical Services Team will review your child’s medical information to verify if the child is a good candidate for treatment at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Step 4: Financial review

We will send you a tentative financial estimate prior to your arrival at Boston Children’s. We take into account healthcare benefits and will obtain a letter of guarantee from your insurance provider. If you are paying out of pocket, you must provide full payment before arrival.

Step 5: Schedule appointments

We will schedule your child’s appointments once the financial review is complete and we receive financial clearance.

Step 6: Plan your arrival

After completing steps 1 through 5, you can arrange airfare and accommodations in Boston. Please contact your case coordinator with any questions or concerns.

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