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Laura Lehman | Education

Medical School

University of Cincinnati

2006, Cincinnati, OH


Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

2007, Cincinnati, OH


Child Neurology

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

2011, Cincinnati, OH


Cerebrovascular Disorders and Stroke

Boston Children's Hospital

2013, Boston, MA

Laura Lehman | Professional History

I am a child neurologist with special interest in cerebrovascular disorders, stroke, and neurocritical care. Currently I am involved in the inpatient Intensive Care Neurology Service, inpatient and outpatient for the Stroke and Cerebrovascular Center, and outpatient general neurology clinics.  I serve as the Outpatient Medical Director for the Stroke and Cerebrovascular Center that focuses on a multidisciplinary approach to optimize diagnosis and treatment.

My current research also focuses on cerebrovascular disorders and stroke with specific focus on risk factors in both perinatal and childhood stroke and emotional outcomes of parents and children following pediatric stroke.

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