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Christine FitzGerald | Education

Undergraduate School

University of California Los Angeles

1987, Los Angeles, CA

Graduate School

University of Cincinnati

1997, Cincinnati, OH

Medical School

University of Cincinnati

1999, Cincinnati, OH



Vanderbilt Medical Center

2003, Nashville, TN

Christine FitzGerald | Professional History

Christine FitzGerald, MD, PhD, provides nonsurgical care for children with common pediatric urology problems such as voiding dysfunction, recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs), daytime accidents (enuresis), and bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis).

Dr. FitzGerald received her undergraduate degree from the University of California Los Angeles and her MD and PhD from the University of Cincinnati. She completed her pediatrics residency training at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee. She worked as a general pediatrician in Southern New Hampshire for 19 years prior to joining Boston Children’s Department of Urology.

Dr. FitzGerald’s research focuses on nonsurgical urologic issues such as treatment of bedwetting, genetic causes of voiding dysfunction, and psychosocial processes affecting voiding dysfunction.

Christine FitzGerald | Publications

As a general pediatrician I have had the privilege to care for many wonderful families over the years. As a parent myself, I have always felt that the most important aspects of that care involve listening and having compassion. As I bring my extensive pediatric experience to the field of urology, I hope to provide a comprehensive approach to voiding dysfunction in children and teens. I am also dedicated to research in this area so that we may better understand and treat these disorders.