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Anna Minster | Education

Medical School

Medical Institute of Kishinev

1979, Kishinev, USSR


Children's Hospital of Kishinev

1980, Kishinev, USSR


Child Neurology/Pediatrics

New England Medical Centerv

2000, Boston, MA



New England Medical Center

2000, Boston, MA

Anna Minster | Certifications

  • American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (Child and Adolescent Neurology)

Anna Minster | Professional History

My Area of Excellence is Clinical Expertise and Innovation.  Specifically, I am a clinical pediatric neurologist who specializes in childhood migraine and headache disorders.  I devote approximately 75% of my time to clinical work.  My clinical work extends into educational activities 25%, and I also undertake supporting activities in administrative roles 10%.

In the clinic, I see patients who present with a broad spectrum of neurological problems.  I attend 7-8 clinics per week, including one clinic with the residents. I see approximately 35 patients per week. I maintain a special clinical interest in children with headaches and am co-director of the Pediatric Headache Program.

My intramural teaching activities take place in both the clinic and inpatient settings, where I teach child neurology and adult neurology residents as well as pediatric and psychiatry residents and HMS medical students. Since 2013 I am involved in teaching of Headache fellows at John R. Graham Headache Center (Faulkner Hospital). The inpatient setting includes the patients admitted to the neurology service as well as consults in the emergency department and on wards other than neurology.

Extramurally, I share my expertise at local sites affiliated with Children’s and Harvard Vanguard through presentations regarding the clinical diagnosis and treatment of headache and migraine disorders in children.  I contribute a similar presentation to a HMS-sponsored continuing medical education course, the biennial Michael J. Bresnan Child Neurology Course, which is attended by professionals from throughout the United States and world.

I am involved in a Headache Collaborative Care Model project with Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, PPOC, CHPCC. Along with colleagues in Integrative Care from Boston Children’s Hospital and representatives from HVMA, I am helping to develop an interactive system between neurologists and primary care providers that will allow us to improve the patients’ care.

I intend to continue developing the Pediatric Headache Program, using my academic background and clinical skills to continually update and improve the care we provide to children suffering from migraines and headache disorders.  My work with this Program and the Headache Collaborative Care Model project place me in an excellent position to make important contributions to this field, sharing my findings with my peers through presentations at local, regional and international conferences.

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