Current Environment:

Alfred Pokmeng See | Education

Undergraduate School

Johns Hopkins University

2007, Baltimore, MD

Medical School

Johns Hopkins University

2012, Baltimore, MD


Brigham and Women's Hospital

2013, Boston, MA


Brigham and Women's Hospital/Boston Children's Hospital

2019, Boston, MA


Neurointerventional Radiology

Brigham and Women's Hospital/Boston Children's Hospital

2016, Boston, MA


Endovascular Surgical Neuroradiology

Barrow Neurological Institute

2017, Phoenix, AZ


Cerebrovascular Surgery

University of Illinois at Chicago

2020, Chicago, IL


Pediatric Neurosurgery

Boston Children's Hospital

2021, Boston, MA

Alfred Pokmeng See | Professional History

Alfred specializes in the endovascular and microsurgical care of patients with diseases of the blood vessels in the brain and spinal cord. To provide a comprehensive approach to these problems, he has focused his training with an emphasis on a broad range of tools and techniques as well as novel applications of combined surgeries to treat these diseases. Endovascular techniques use catheters from within the blood vessels to treat problems of the blood vessels but also to deliver medications in a very precisely targeted fashion. Microsurgical techniques allow meticulous separation of diseased blood vessels from the brain and allow reconstruction of diseased vessels as well as creation of new blood supply to the brain.

Having developed this expertise, he continues to engage in research to better understand normal and abnormal blood vessels. His background in engineering leads to his emphasis on quantitative analysis of blood flow and the application of new technologies such as computational analysis and robotics.

Alfred Pokmeng See | Publications

A child in a hospital can feel extraordinarily vulnerable. I hope to empower children and their parents during our partnership. To achieve this, I dedicate each day to understand their perspective and to engage them in our clinical decisions and research mission.