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Training | Overview

The Division of Nephrology at Boston Children's Hospital/Harvard Medical School is one of the largest pediatric nephrology divisions in the United States and has been consistently ranked among the best children's hospitals on the U.S. News & World Report survey of pediatric nephrology programs. The division aims to develop academic pediatric nephrologists who will establish independent investigative careers in areas relevant to the understanding of childhood renal diseases. The three-year fellowship program provides broad training in all the areas of nephrology with unparalleled opportunities to develop clinical and research skills.

Our training program meets the requirements for certification by the ACGME Nephrology sub-board of the American Board of Pediatrics and is supported by a National Institutes of Health T32 Training Grant.

Clinical training

The 12-month intensive clinical training provides the fellow with extensive exposure to virtually all of clinical problems in pediatric nephrology. This is accomplished by full participation of fellows in all patient care activities within the division, including:

  • direct care of renal inpatients
  • serving as consultant to both inpatient and outpatient divisional programs
  • care of the transplant and pediatric dialysis outpatients
  • care of the general renal clinic outpatients

Fellows become proficient in all technical aspects of nephrology, such as performing renal biopsies, hemodialysis, and peritoneal dialysis. In addition, the fellows acquire experience through the Department of Pathology in the interpretation of light, immunofluorescence, and electron microscopy, and through the Department of Radiology in the interpretation of uroradiologic studies.

The division has two clinical services: the End-Stage Renal Disease Program (dialysis and transplantation); and the General Renal Program. Each fellow spends approximately equivalent time on ESRD Program and General Renal Program. The fellow is responsible for:

In addition to its standing as the premier hospital in the northeast, Boston Children's also serves as a renowned national and international referral center for complex pediatric patients.

Research training

The 24 months of research training aims to broaden the fellow's understanding of kidney disease. One of the unique aspects of our training program is the ability to participate in ongoing research efforts in any Boston laboratory of choice, such as Brigham and Women’s, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, MIT, Harvard, Massachusetts General Hospital, and others. Fellows are advised in the selection of a research mentor about six months prior to initiating the research fellowship years.


The Nephrology Fellowship Training Program offers large and diverse training opportunities. Our training faculty are leaders in their fields, and have significant experience in clinical and research mentorship. We strive to promote and offer our trainees access to opportunities for developing innovative concepts that have the potential to guide each trainee to a productive career. Each trainee has the privilege to select a desired mentor within our limitless supply of Boston teaching institutions. These institutions include Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Mass General Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess, MIT, Harvard, etc. As a result of these endeavors, our program is currently recognized as a leading national and international resource for training in broad areas of renal diseases.


Since its inception in 1974, our ACGME-accredited program affiliated with Harvard Medical School graduates pediatric nephrology fellows each academic year. Graduated fellows fulfill the criteria for certification in pediatric nephrology by the American Board of Pediatrics and the specialty sections of the American Academy of Pediatrics.


Al E. Davis, MD
David A. Link, MD
Stanley T. Spevack, MD
Susan Williams, MD
William E. Harmon, MD
Thomas E. Krueger, MD
Ellis D. Avner, MD
M. Amin Arnaout, MD
Nicole Prudent, MD
Alan M. Krensky, MD
Tina Kon, MD
Melanie Kim, MD
Aida Yared, MD
Henry William Harris, MD, PhD
Yahya A. Subayti, MD
Norman D. Rosenblum, MD
Kathy L. Jabs, MD
Lisa Guay-Woodford, MD
Mitchel Pivor, MD
Hilary P. Stecklein, MD
Robert S. Mathias, MD
David M. Briscoe, MD
Anna L. Paredes, MD, PhD
Barbara B. Botelho, MD
Robert H. Sadowski, MD
Elizabeth A. Simon, MD
Michael J. Somers, MD
James A. Listman, MD
Marc B. Lande, MD
Francisco Emma, MD
Verna W. Yiu, MD
Matt M. Hand, DO
Michelle A. Baum, MD
Stephen I. Alexander, MD
Stuart L. Goldstein, MD
Sylvia B. Ramirez, MD, MPH
Vikas R. Dharnidharka, MD, MPH
Francisco X. Flores, MD
Jordan M. Symons, MD
Asher D. Schachter, MD, MMsC, MS
Dechu P. Pulianda, MD
Elahna Paul, MD, PhD
Daniel I. Feig, MD, PhD
Peter K. Shaw, MD, MBA
Nancy M. Rodig, MD
Dmitry V. Samsonov, MD
Farhana Amanullah, MD
Stefan G. Kiessling, MD
Mona Khurana, MD
Cynthia J. Wong, MD
Megan R. Richards, MD
Avram Z. Traum, MD
Stephen Arora, MD
Brian M. Hershenfield, MD
Kirtida Mistry, MD, MBBCH
Charles Y. Kwon, MD
Michael A. Ferguson, MD
Fanny Benitez, MD
Oliver T. Fremont, MD
Tetyana L. Vasylyeva, MD, PhD
Michael E. Seifert, MD
Myda Khalid, MD
Jaqueline Ho, MD
Deborah R. Stein, MD
Maria P. Stack, MBBS
Mahima Keswani, MD
Meredith L. Seamon, MD
Nilka De Jesus Gonzalez, MD
Isa F. Ashoor, MD
Craig B. Woda, MD, PhD
Namrata G. Jain, MD
Elizabeth A. Hunt, MD
Oana M. Nicoara, MD
Lakshmi Ganapathi, MBBS
Sarah A. Twichell, MD, MPH
Asaf Vivante, MD, PhD
Weizhen Tan, MD
Jillian K. Warejko, MD
Ankana Daga, MD

Contact us

Michael A. Ferguson, MD

Nephrology Fellowship Training Program Director
Phone: 617-355-6129

Deborah R. Stein, MD

Associate Program Director
Phone: 617-355-6129

Nathaniel R. Jones

Fellowship Coordinator
Phone: 617-355-5058

Arifa Kapadia, MS

Division Manager, Division of Nephrology
Phone: 617-355-6129