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Kids with special health care needs can take small steps toward dental visits

A visit to the dentist can be an overwhelming experience for children with special health care needs.

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Tips for teething: How to enjoy your child’s big moment

The emergence of baby teeth is a joyous time for families, but it can be uncomfortable for the infant. With several simple steps, you can help your child feel comfortable when they start cutting teeth.

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Kids and gum disease: Top 6 things parents should know

Gum disease can inflame the gums and damage the bones and surrounding tissues of the mouth. Knowing what to look for can help your child avoid gum disease.

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Save that shot and your child’s teeth

If your child is active, the risk of injury to their mouth increases. The good news is a mouthguard will keep your child’s teeth intact and let them go all out with their activities.

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Start dental care early for children with special health care needs

Because children with autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and other conditions are sometimes more likely to develop habits that affect oral health, it’s imperative to get them into a consistent rhythm of toothbrushing.

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How to balance Halloween candy with healthy teeth

Kids can have fun on Halloween and avoid cavities. It’s just a matter of letting them eat the least harmful (sugary, really) candies and treats, and following up on strong dental care.

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Watch: Can I make dental visits less scary for my child?

Dr. Elaine Smyth discusses how to alleviate dental anxiety for children.

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Helpful pediatric dentistry resources

The following websites provide additional information about oral health care and hygiene. The sites also include information and educational activities for your children.