Bone Tumors and Bone Cysts

Note: This page is focused on benign (non-cancerous) bone tumors and cysts

Finding out that your teen or child has a bone tumor or cyst can cause a lot of anxiety for everyone in the family. You'll have concerns about your child’s treatment, recovery, and long-term health. It may comfort you to know that Boston Children's Hospital is a world leader in pediatric orthopedics, and we specialize in innovative, family-centered care that supports you at every step on your child's journey to health.

Your child's long-term health after treatment for a bone tumor or cyst is very good. Once treated, most benign bone tumors do not re-grow or show up in other places in the body. Some tumors can recur or persist despite good treatment, though, and while your child could need multiple operations to eventually be tumor-free, it helps to remember that these are benign tumors, and with timely treatment they won't spread.

At Children’s, our extensive research into children’s bone problems means that we can provide your child with the most innovative care available. The overwhelming majority of children treated for bone tumors and cysts at Children’s have interventions — including minimally invasive procedures — that enable their bones to grow and function normally for walking, playing, and growing.

Below is a comprehensive list of links for benign bone tumors and cysts. Most of the conditions on this list are links to in-depth, disease-specific information that’s found elsewhere on our website.

Bone-forming tumors

Cartilage-forming tumors (chondromas)

Fibrous lesions

Cystic tumors

Other tumors

How Boston Children’s Hospital approaches bone tumors and cysts

The experts in our Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors Program are dedicated to expertly and compassionately caring for children and teens with bone tumors and cysts. Our multidisciplinary approach ensures that your child receives a treatment plan personalized to his or her exact needs — as well as supportive care before, during, and after his or her treatment.

For your child’s care, we bring together an unsurpassed array of experts, including:

  • pediatric orthopedic and general surgeons who are nationally and internationally recognized for their expertise in removing bone and soft tissue tumors
  • pediatric experts as needed from every medical subspecialty — including pathology, radiology, physical therapy, and bracing/casting
  • experienced pediatric nurses
  • Child Life specialists, psychologists, social workers, and resource specialists

The experts in our Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors Program are known for innovative treatments and a research-driven approach. In addition to a wide variety of clinical trials, Children’s also conducts extensive lab research to identify new treatments and improve therapies.

Children’s is home to the world’s most extensive pediatric research enterprise, and we partner with elite health care and biotech organizations around the globe. But as specialists in family-centered care, our doctors never forget that your child is precious, and not just a patient.

Boston Children’s Hale Family Center for Families

Visit the Hale Family Center for Families to learn about:

  • getting to Boston Children’s
  • accommodations
  • navigating the hospital experience
  • resources that are available for your family

We can also help you connect with extensive resources to help you and your family through this stressful time, including:

  • patient education
  • parent-to-parent connections
  • faith-based support
  • social work

If you come from far away, we can help

As an international bone and soft tissue tumor center, Boston Children’s cares for young patients from all over the world. Global Services assists families residing outside the United States. We:

  • facilitate the medical review of patient records
  • coordinate appointment scheduling
  • help families with customs and immigration, transportation, and hotel and housing accommodations