Current Environment:

Collaboration for Community Health Leadership


Strategic Funding Committee

Boston Children’s convened a Strategic Funding Committee to develop the initial strategy for the Collaboration for Community Health. 

Members of the Committee:

  • Edith Ayuso - Young adult
  • Celina Barrios-Millner, MPP - Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Advancement
  • Shella Dennery, PhD - Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Wency Diaz - Parent
  • Rahn Dorsey - Mayor’s Office of Education
  • Michael Curry, JD - Boston NAACP
  • Vivian Lee, Med - Boston Housing Authority
  • Shari Nethersole, MD - Boston Children’s Hospital (Chair)
  • Winston Henderson, JD - Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Tyra Sidberry - Philanthropic advisor
  • Margaret Reid, MPH - Boston Public Health Commission
  • John Riordan, MCRP - Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Stacy Walker, MBA - Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Ben Wood, MPH - Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Community Advisory Committee

Boston Children’s also convened a Community Advisory Committee to provide guidance around the community engagement process. This included helping Boston Children’s to connect with residents and encourage them to attend open community meetings, reviewing the information gathered in those meetings, reviewing data on health issues and developing the priority funding areas.

Members of the Committee:

  • Alexandra Oliver-Davila - Sociedad Latina
  • Barry Keppard - Metropolitan Area Planning Council
  • Ben Wood - Massachusetts Department of Public Health
  • Brenda Daley - Smart from The Start
  • David Aronstein - Boston Alliance for Community Health
  • Elizabeth Maffei - Massachusetts Department of Public Health
  • Elmer Freeman - Center for Community Health Education Research and Services
  • Gerry Thomas - Boston Public Health Commission
  • Giles Li - Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center
  • Halley Reeves - Massachusetts Department of Public Health
  • Jeri Robinson - Boston Children’s Museum
  • Kris Anderson - Fenway Community Development Corporation
  • Lynne Karsten - Brookline Health Department
  • Marisol Amaya - La Alianza Hispana, Inc.
  • Michael Curry - Boston NAACP
  • Monique Dottson - Resident
  • Myechia Minter - Jordan The Dimock Center
  • Norma Colon - Resident
  • Rachel Goodman - Boston Housing Authority
  • Rahn Dorsey - Boston Mayor’s Office
  • Sharon Scott Chandler - Action for Boston Community Development
  • Shay Simmons - Resident
  • Vivian Pera - La Alianza Hispana, Inc.
  • Zoe Perez - Parent