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The goal of this research study is to to learn more about the body's immune response in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). In MS, the body's immune cells mistakenly attack an important part of the nerves of the brain and spinal cord. The immune cells responsible for attacking the nerves in MS patients is primarily the T cells. A marker was recently discovered that might specifically identify these damaging T cells from all other T cells in the body. Understanding which T cells cause the damage in MS patients and understanding more about these specific T cells may help doctors better understand how MS occurs and could possibly prevent MS in the future.


Multiple Sclerosis

Recruitment Status

Not yet recruiting

Eligibility Criteria

MS Group Inclusion criteria

-diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and present to the neurology clinic for a regular checkup or are admitted to the inpatient floor with acute symptoms.

Exclusion criteria

Have an active infection
Take T cell modulating drugs

Control Group Inclusion criteria -scheduled for elective surgery

without any immunological diseases. Exclusion criteria
Have an active infection.


Intervention Type

Intervention Name


Blood Sample



Min Age

13 Years

Max Age

20 Years

Download Date

November 21, 2023

Principal Investigator

Lifei Hou

Primary Contact Information

Lifei Hou, PhD


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For more information and to contact the study team:

T Cell Profiling in Patients With Multiple Sclerosis NCT04789551 Lifei Hou, PhD 617-713-8154