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Whether you are coming to Boston Children’s Hospital for an outpatient appointment, evaluation, a surgical procedure or an emergency visit, there are steps you can take to create a more positive experience for your child.

Scheduling your first appointment at the Autism Spectrum Center

If you are contacting us for the first time, our intake team will ask you to complete intake forms. These intake forms are also available below in PDF format. The team will also request:

  • copies of any recent testing, including cognitive/psychological testing and speech, occupational therapy or physical therapy evaluations
  • records of any early intervention services or IEP/504 plans
  • past medical and diagnostic assessments

Once all documents have been returned and reviewed by our autism spectrum disorder specialist team, we will contact you to schedule the first available appointment that best matches your needs. This may be with a single physician, nurse practitioner or a team of providers. 

New patient intake form PDFs

Learn about preparing for a medical appointment.

What should I bring?

Communication systems and devices

Bring your child’s communication system or device (for example: Dynavox, picture communication board, or iPad/tablet) to the appointment. Even if your child can speak, the stress of a hospital visit can make it hard to communicate. Having these systems with you helps to make sure that your child can communicate with their medical team.

Distraction tools

Distraction items can help your child cope with a medical appointment. Bring a favorite toy, sensory item, book or electronic device (iPad or tablet) and headphones. Headphones may be good for your child to wear if you are going to talk about sensitive issues with the health care provider.

Rewards or reinforcers

Bring items that you often use as rewards for your child in your home. For example, if your child struggles with blood draws, it can be helpful to say “First blood draw, then a sticker.”

Comfort items

If your child has favorite stuffed animal, blanket, or object, you can bring it. It may help to make the visit or stay more comfortable.