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What is ear molding?

Ear molding is a non-invasive treatment that helps correct anomalies or deformities of the outer ear. Ear molding works to reshape the cartilage in your baby’s ears to restore their natural shape and prevent them from sticking out.

The earlier ear molding takes place, the higher the likelihood of success. Treatment most often starts when a baby is 2 to 4 weeks old, because that’s when ears are most malleable. Ear molding is only successful if completed before a baby is 3 months old.

Ear molding: Before (left) and after images

What happens during ear molding?

Ear molding involves your baby wearing custom-fitted ear molds 24 hours a day, seven days a week, until treatment is complete. Treatment times vary, but most take six to eight weeks. During treatment, you and your baby will meet with the Department of Plastic and Oral Surgery, where our specially trained physician assistant (PA) will fit your baby’s ears with a mold and monitor their progress.

Ear molding: Before (left) and after images


Paying for ear molding

Ear molding is not covered by insurance.

Treatment prices vary, and payment is collected on the day the ear mold service starts. An initial consultation fee also applies.

Please get in touch with us at the Plastic and Oral Surgery Clinic for more information: 617-355-2733.

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