RAPID-19 Study

RAPID-19 — Repository of Aggregated Pediatric International Data on COVID-19

Our Mission

Multiple pediatric registries, observational studies, and clinical trials have been launched to study COVID-19 in pediatric patients. In order to maximize efforts and augment collective resources, workflows are needed to facilitate aggregation and standardization of de-identified clinical data on pediatric patients with lab-confirmed COVID-19 across healthcare sites and study networks.

We are a team of pediatricians, scientists, network leaders, and informaticians who have joined forces to build a platform that offers an integrated database and analytics hub to enable the secure sharing of existing de-identified patient-level data and promote the standardization of new data collection. The goal is to support multi-national observational studies on disease trajectory and clinical care delivery for pediatric patients with COVID-19.

The Repository of Aggregated Pediatric International Data on COVID-19 (RAPID-19) is intended to support a broad range of research topics and questions, including but not limited to:

  • clinical characterization of pediatric patients with COVID-19
  • descriptive analysis of clinical care and treatments administered
  • evaluation of laboratory tests for diagnosis and disease monitoring
  • identification of patient sub-groups at higher risk for severe disease manifestations
  • ascertainment of country-specific variations
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