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Pediatric Voice Program | Overview

The Pediatric Voice Program is a multidisciplinary program specializing in the evaluation, study, and treatment of children's voice difficulties.

Symptoms of voice difficulties may include:

  • hoarse or breathy voice
  • a voice that is too soft or too loud
  • inappropriate pitch for the child's size or age
  • loss of voice for any reason


Evaluations include an in-depth history, completion of a laryngeal examination, and voice assessment. Evaluations are done at Boston Children's at Waltham at 9 Hope Ave., Waltham.

The otolaryngologist completes laryngeal examinations using state-of-the art instrumentation for digital video endoscopy/stroboscopy. The voice assessment is conducted by a speech-language pathologist and includes perceptual ratings and completion of quantitative acoustic measures of voice quality.

Results of the evaluation and recommendations are provided to the family at the time of the appointment.

The parent remains with the child throughout the appointment, which lasts about two hours.

Voice therapy

Voice therapy is available following medical examination, completion of a voice evaluation, and insurance approval. Children enrolled in voice therapy are generally seen on a weekly basis for a period of about six to eight weeks. In addition to direct work with the speech-language pathologist, families are guided regarding activities to do in the home environment to support improved voice use.

How to make an appointment

To schedule an appointment for an evaluation, call 617-355-6462. A history form will be sent to you. This should be completed and brought to your child's appointment.