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The Congenital Heart Valve Program at Boston Children's Hospital is available to:

  • answer your questions
  • provide you with more information
  • schedule an appointment

To schedule an appointment or for general questions, please call 617-355-5637 or fax to 617-730-0214.

For second opinions or to contact one of our physicians directly please email us.

Boston Children's Hospital
Congenital Heart Valve Program
300 Longwood Avenue
Bader 273
Boston, MA 02115

Please call or email us anytime. We will respond to emails within one business day.

First time visit to the hospital? Learn about where your child may receive care around the Benderson Family Heart Center.

Second Opinions

Christopher W. Baird, MDChristopher W. Baird, MD
Assistant in Cardiac Surgery
Director, Congenital Heart Valve Center

Office Phone: 617-355-5637
Appointment Line: 617-355-5637
Fax: 617-730-0214

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