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Our services

The Chronic Pulmonary and Ventilator Program cares for children in both an outpatient clinic and inpatient (hospitalized) setting.


The Chronic Pulmonary and Ventilator Program recognizes the central role of families in the care of children with chronic respiratory problems. In fact, we encourage family participation, and we work closely with family members and the child's primary care physician to set goals and provide care.

We also work closely with home equipment companies to ensure that equipment is working properly (e.g. troubleshoot problems, adjust ventilator settings, etc.).

Our goal is to help your child reach his or her full respiratory potential.

Our patients

Our patients range in age from infancy to mid-adulthood. We care for patients with a variety of illnesses. Many of our patients require medical technology to help them breath, including:

  • assistive respiratory devices for cough and lung clearance
  • full and partial mechanical ventilation
  • non-invasive ventilatory supports
  • oxygen
  • tracheostomy