Medical School

  • University of Missouri at Kansas City , 1984 , Kansas City , Missouri


  • Bridgeport Hospital , 1988 , Bridgeport , Connecticut


  • Yale Medical School , 1990 , New Haven , Connecticut

Philosophy of Care

It became clear that children with developmental problems were often suffering physical distress that they were unable to verbalize and problem behaviors often seen in these children were, at times, set off by medical issues. I have focused on the care of these children for over 20 years as well as expanding education about these issues in the medical community.


I am a general pediatric gastroenterologist focused on the care of children with autism and developmental problems. These problems include similar problems seen in general pediatric GI care but recognizing these problems in children with developmental problems is often difficult. This has been my focus.


  • American Board of Pediatrics, Pediatric Gastroenterology


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