Strabismus | Testing and Diagnosis

How is strabismus diagnosed?

Strabismus is diagnosed during an eye examination. Evaluation of the eyes and vision should be performed in the pediatrician's office at every well-child visit. But if your child is having symptoms of strabismus or other eye disorders at any age, a complete eye examination by an ophthalmologist should be performed.

What tests are used to diagnose strabismus?

There are a variety of tests that can help detect strabismus and associated amblyopia. Light reflex testing evaluates the alignment of the eyes by having your child look directly at a point of light. Another test uses prisms to analyze whether your child’s eyes are properly aligned. If your child is not yet able to talk, vision can be assessed by evaluating your child’s ability to fixate on a moving object or your child’s response when one of the eyes is covered. If your child is older, a standard eye chart with either letters or pictures will be used to test vision.

Your child’s doctor will also ask you about your family history and how and when your child’s strabismus appeared. To provide the most effective care, it is important to determine whether your child was born with strabismus or acquired it as the result of another health problem.