Treatments for Precocious (Early) Puberty in Children

What treatments are available for precocious puberty?

The goal of treatment for precocious puberty is to stop, and possibly reverse, the onset of puberty. Treatment will also depend on the type of precocious puberty and the underlying cause, if known.

New developments in treatments for precocious puberty have led to the successful use of synthetic luteinizing-releasing hormone (LHRH). This hormone appears to stop sexual maturation brought on by the disorder by stopping the pituitary gland from releasing gonadotropin.

What is the emotional effect of precocious puberty on a child?

Early puberty will cause your child's body to change much sooner than his peers. This sense of being different, coupled with the hormonal change-induced emotional mood swings, may make him feel self-conscious. Your child may feel uncomfortable about his sexual changes, as well.

Helping your child cope with teasing from his peers, treating your child appropriately for his age, and boosting his self-esteem are important steps to help your child adjust well.