Multicystic Dysplastic Kidney Symptoms & Causes


Does multicystic dysplastic kidney affect one or both kidneys?

The vast majority of multicystic kidneys occur only on one side (left side). Sometimes, it occurs on both sides, and these cases are very serious, since the kidney is responsible for producing the amniotic fluid vital to lung development.

In most cases, multicystic dysplastic kidney isn't cause for alarm—your child's properly functioning kidney can provide the required amount of amniotic fluid.

What complications are associated with multicystic dysplastic kidney?

It is important to have your child evaluated by a pediatric urologist after birth since the risk that the normal kidney may have an associated abnormality is as high as 51 percent. Some conditions commonly found with multicystic dysplastic kidney include:

These are all surgically correctable problems, and in some cases may resolve on their own. The best course for your child will depend on the results of her radiologic studies and the recommendation of our pediatric urologist.