Megaureter Pediatric Patient Stories

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Ureter reimplantation and megaureter repair

My son, Luke Dangel, was admitted to Children’s Hospital Boston last September for ureter reimplantation and megaureter repair on his left side, which, while routine surgery at Children’s, was understandably scary and intimidating for us. Beyond the obvious skill and competence of everyone who interacted with Luke during his subsequent seven-day recovery, my husband and I were fully impressed and incredibly grateful for the compassion and care we received.

I recently attended the Pioneering Change symposium at Harvard Medical School, and I was especially moved by a speech about the importance of doctors taking the time to really listen to patients, and to understand and address patient/family concerns. Richard Lee, MD, of your Urology Department, was amazing not only in his technical skill as a surgeon, but also his bedside manner. Throughout Luke’s stay, Dr. Lee was attentive, committed, compassionate and eager to make sure Luke—and his parents—were as comfortable as possible. Dr. Lee modeled this behavior for his residents, who were also very attentive and solicitous towards both him and us.

Beyond Dr. Lee and the residents, I can’t say enough about the nurses and staff of 8 West. Almost without exception, people were kind, caring, attentive and incredibly competent. I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the amazing care we received at Children’s. We are very grateful.


Carolyn Lyons