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Advanced diagnostics tools | Overview

The Brain Center at Boston Children’s Hospital offers access to the most advanced technologies used to diagnose, address and manage all types of conditions affecting the brain. Our treatment areas and high-tech resources help us better identify, evaluate and treat children of all ages.

Our Brain Center specializes in minimally invasive, technologically advanced diagnostic and surgical procedures.

Some of the tools available through our center include:

  • The Intraoperative Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner, which lets our pediatric neurosurgeons scan patients in the operating room before completing surgery, so they obtain the most precise and complete resections. This is especially helpful for patients with brain tumors and epilepsy.   

  • Advanced imaging machines like the functional MRI (fMRI) let doctors see cerebral responses to stimulation in real time so they know which areas of the brain manage certain functions. The information the fMRI gives us allows our neurosurgeons to plan safe treatments with minimal side effects.